Doug Pitt talks about why he bought back his own company

Published: Oct. 19, 2017 at 4:22 PM CDT
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"It's a little surreal, but it's a good thing," Doug Pitt told reporter Melody Pettit about a big business deal in the works.

Pitt has just repurchased the computer company he started from scratch in Springfield in 1991. He calls it a brand new company that's 26 years old.

"Obviously I'm sentimental to something I started out of thin air 26-year ago, so to have some control over that, that's neat," Pitt said.

His company will now be called "Pitt Technology Group and will have several companies within it that offer a wide variety of services including providing apartment complexes with internet, IT services for businesses and fiber optic construction.

"Our industry has gotten a little lazy and we're not as attentive to the customer needs and unfortunately the customer is not getting the best value out of that. We want to change that to the way we did things before," Pitt said.

Longtime employee turned co-owner Kevin Waterland says this purchase means they can shift the focus; to be more local and customer oriented.

"Moving back to the traditional style of service where yo are in front of people and you know your client and you know their kids names, they know your kids names and moving back to that style I think a lot of people in the Springfield area will appreciate that," Waterland said.

Pitt sold a portion of the company ten years ago and the remaining portion four years ago and now is buying it all back. He says it will make his Springfield company better than ever.

"Anytime we can make local decisions we are going to be more nimble, faster, quicker on the employees we have," Pitt said.

Pitt signed the papers October 10th and the deal for undisclosed terms is scheduled to close November first.

Pitt said he is also in the process of relocating from the building he is currently in on Sunshine street.