Douglas County Sheriff's Office organizing search for missing man

Lance Loeber

AVA, Mo. -- The Douglas County Sheriff's Office will search on foot for a man missing for nearly a week.

Authorities reported Lance Loeber missing August 14. Deputies are focusing the search in the Goodhope area.

The sheriff's office is asking for volunteers Wednesday morning. You are asked to show up around 5:30 a.m. at the Goodhope Nazerene Church. They will gladly take mounted horses, but no 4-wheelers. You are encouraged to dress for searching in heavily wooded areas; jeans, boots and tick and bug spray are encouraged. The search will last three-to-four hours.

Those who want to help but are unable to search, may drop off water, snacks, bug spray and lint rollers (for those who find the ticks) at the sheriff's office through Tuesday.