Driver faces federal charges after a chase in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo- The driver of a car that crashed in front of St. Agnes Catholic church Wednesday is now facing federal charges for illegally having multiple guns, but police had other reasons for chasing him.

Courtesy: Greene County Sheriff's Office

Police say the driver in that chase, 30 year old Clinton McDonald, was wanted for his potential involvement in some shootings in Springfield.
Police say they'd been looking for him, and just after 3:30 Wednesday, they spotted him driving a black BMW near National and Cherry.

Springfield Police Lieutenant Tony Vienhage says, "Detectives from our special investigations unit were looking for a subject that was related to a recent shooting, actually potentially a couple different shootings."

Police wanted to talk to McDonald about Marcus Gilbert's death on North Grant Sunday. Vienhage says, "He is not necessarily a suspect directly in that homicide, but he was wanted for questioning in that incident." Police think he may also be connected to another Springfield shooting.

Police say as McDonald sped west on Cherry, ultimately crashing, police and witnesses saw guns being thrown out the drivers side of the car. Investigators found a semi-automatic rifle and a handgun on the ground, and only McDonald's window was found rolled down. Police found two other handguns in the wrecked car.

Police can't share McDonald's potential involvement in any Springfield shootings, but because he's a convicted felon, with a previous conviction for drug possession, he's now facing federal charges for illegally possessing multiple guns.

Police say the other two people who were in the car that crashed yesterday were treated at the hospital, questioned by police, and then released with no charges.