Why driver who hit and killed child outside Springfield elementary remains free

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Police say Lonnie Yeager, 35, was driving an SUV in September, when he hit and killed Riddick Tudor outside Campbell Elementary in Springfield. Yeager was driving without a license. In fact, he has never been licensed to drive a car in any state.

That was 11 weeks ago, and the Greene County prosecutor still does not have a police report on his desk.

Springfield police tell us that unfortunately, this is commonplace, and that fatality crash investigations can often take up to a year or more to wrap up.

Yeager, though, should have never been behind the wheel in the first place. He was deemed "incapacitated and disabled" in 2008, which prevented him from ever obtaining a license to drive. He has since been arrested behind the wheel for DWI, and for driving without a license.

Plus, St. Francois County in Missouri issued a warrant for Yeager in June, 2016. However, Springfield police tell us that the day of the crash-- they found no such "hit," as they called it, on Yeager for an active warrant.

"We owe it to all the people who are involved directly in this case to do a thorough investigation, to have all the relevant details compiled for prosecutors to do their review," said Springfield Police Department spokeswoman Lisa Cox. "We do expect this one to be wrapped up hopefully within the next month or so."

Lonnie Yeager told KY3 News off camera today that he has been having a very hard time following the crash, and that he is seeing a psychiatrist regularly.

Yeager's attorney says he will know more once investigators call him with the final crash reconstruction report.

The day the crash, Yeager's passenger had told police that Lonnie suffered a medical episode behind the wheel. Springfield police tell us they have not yet confirmed that with doctors.