Ignoring your clothes dryer may be dangerous

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Ignoring your dryer can be dangerous, and It's one of the most common causes of house fires.

Dryer safety is a serious matter, and while many people may think they it's as simple as putting a new load in it's more to it.

Towels, sweaters, and heavier clothing items tend to create more lint in your dryer.

"When you have the build up of lint, or it's not vented properly that heat has nowhere to escape, but it comes out the back of the dryer to the vent so that heat does build up in there and can damage the dryer or start a fire," explained National TV Sales & Rental Manager, Ryan Sheere.

With the colder weather approaching, it's important to check your lint traps. Keeping the lint traps and vents clean will lower your risk of home fires.

"Check your pockets before you put anything into the washer or the dryer," said Brad Harris, Co Owner of Wash House Laundromat. "If you leave something In your pockets, say you left a lighter in your pocket. I mean that could be a situation in the dryer. So, it only takes a little bit but check you pockets before you wash or dry"

More dryer safety tips:
- Have your Dryers installed by professionals
- NEVER run dryer without a lint filter
- Make sure that lint traps are cleaned out between each cycle
- Don't forget to clan the back of your dryer to ensure dryer vent is clean
and open
- Try to only run your dryer when you're home