Cheap and easy ways to winterize your home

With frost warnings this weekend, put this on your To-Do List. When the colder weather is here for good, you'll be glad you did.

"Almost fifty percent of your total energy bill goes to heating or cooling your home year round," said Cara Shaefer with City Utilities.

Shaefer says now is the time to winterize your home.

"With the wind we have had here recently too and the colder temps, you are really going to be able to feel around the house where you have those drafts come in. Maybe put a post-it note there so you can caulk or weather strip a little later," she said.

Use rope caulk for your windows.

"Press it down and then it's removable in the summer when you want to open your windows again," Shaefer said.

Use spray foam for caulking vent holes. Remove hoses from faucets. Avoid portable, indoor heaters when possible.

c0050 41:30-35 Electric space heaters are probably the most expensive way to heat your home.

While space heaters can warm a room stat --- it will cost you.

41:47-53 It's about two and a half times more expensive to heat with electric resistance than it is natural gas.

Really be care with those space heaters ... just because it has an tip-over off switch doesn't deem it safe. Always plug it directly into the wall.
Don't use an extension cord.