Eminence Police wish to compile list of local video surveillance systems to help in solving crimes

EMINENCE, Mo. -- A small police department in Shannon County, is wanting to compile a certain list that it says will help them when investigating crimes.

The Eminence Police Department is asking for homeowners and business owners, who have outdoor video surveillance cameras, to voluntarily join a list. That list they say, will help them solve crimes quicker. If you want to be on that list, there's just a few things police need from you.

"I mean it's just protecting us and making us feel better about security," shop owner Jodi Collier told KY3.

The department says having a list will save officers time so they don't have to go door to door canvassing an area looking for people with cameras.

The list will help direct police to cameras that could've possibly captured vehicle information, a suspect description, and direction of travel.

Shop owner Jodi Collier hopes everyone with cameras signs up.

"I think it would make us as shop owners feel more comfortable when we leave at night, Collier noted. We are a small town. We are very trustworthy of what happens here, but being that we are a tourist town, a lot of people come from different areas and sometimes it makes you worry."

Lesa Williams, owner of Williams Fast Stop, says she will join the list.

"Yes I would. To help solve a crime in Shannon County, yes I would. One hundred percent," Williams exclaimed.

Cameras at her store have come in handy before.

"I for one have been burglarized in the past from a tourist. Definitely, our Shannon County Sheriff and police department jumped on it," Williams explained.

Police ask you to include the following information in an email to Chief Steven Hogan, if you want to join the list:

please email Chief Hogan at eminencepd1@gmail.com.

Your name, address, and phone number
* Location of cameras and how many
* Availability to download and time frame video that is stored
* Best way to reach you, by phone, email, or other method

Police will not make any of your information public and will only contact you if your video could possibly help in an investigation.

People can choose to remove their information at any time.

Chief Hogan said in a post:

You will always have the right to not share the video with us, should you chose to do so, even if you signup for this.