Emma's Homeless Helper Project awarded $10,000 by U.S. Cellular program

Published: May. 28, 2020 at 5:55 PM CDT
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A big parade for little 9-year-old Emma Sandbothe from Marshfield. The line of vehicles including family, friends and community members cheering her on as they drove by plus a few surprise visitors from U.S. Cellular.

"Today we're throwing a surprise parade for Emma, a Marshfield resident for being a young humanitarian and supporting the homeless here and in Springfield," said a representative from U.S. Cellular, John Anguiano.

For the past two years with the help of her mother, Emma has donated hygiene and food kits to the homeless in her community. So far, she's donated about 5​00 hygiene kits, 100 food kits and 300 pairs of socks. She also accepts donations through her Emma's Homeless Helper Project.

A nomination for that work put her on U.S. Cellular's radar and the work was so impressive, it helped Emma beat out thousands of other kids across the country and led to a big check.

"Here's a $10,000 check that we want to give you so you can start living your dream for the community," said a representative from U.S. Cellular.

So, what will Emma spend that $10,000? Emma has her eye on something special.

"I might spend half of it on food then the rest on my little shelter. It's a very small building but it's just a little starter building for me but I'll work my way up," said Emma Sandbothe.

At just 9-years old, Emma's family says she has a bright future.

"For a child of her age of her age to think of others in a way she does is amazing," said Emma's grandfather, Rodger Samson.

"It makes me feel warm and nice inside that I've done something really helpful and to help somebody that's in need," said Sandbothe.

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