Ex-Webster County deputy pleads guilty to child sex crimes

Published: Nov. 28, 2019 at 1:03 PM CST
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An ex-Webster County deputy pleaded guilty to child sex crimes.

Brent Grey was set to go on trial Monday, after charges of child molestation and statutory sodomy. Now, that trial is no longer needed.

Grey appeared in court Wednesday afternoon, and then pleaded guilty to the crimes late Wednesday.

A judge ruled against Grey's attorney's request to suppress evidence from his iPhone submitted in court-- that included lewd pictures. Attorneys were arguing whether to allow evidence from the phone in the trial. An investigator found the phone in the bottom of Grey's closet. The Missouri State Highway Patrol paid a company to unlock the phone, which contained 1,000 nude photos of the victim's face superimposed on nude bodies.

The defense asked the court to throw out the iPhone evidence, arguing investigators illegally entered the house when they took the phone. They also argued there were chain of custody concerns, saying that the phone wasn't in an evidence locker the whole time before it was sent off to be unlocked.

The prosecution, however, argued the investigator acted in good faith and did get a search warrant.

Authorities tell KY3 News that Judge Calvin Holden denied the motion to suppress, and decided to allow the phone evidence. Law officers say Grey then pleaded guilty to the class B felony of first degree child molestation, the class B felony of possessing more than 20 images of child pornography, and the class B felony of sexual exploitation of a child by creating child pornography.

Sheriff Roye Cole made the original arrest of Grey.

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