FBI agents raid two Thayer, Mo. businesses

THAYER, Mo. -- Wednesday morning was an eventful time on Chestnut Street in downtown. That's because more than a dozen FBI agents swarmed a pair of businesses in what authorities say was a court-authorized law enforcement activity.

Shana Smith was sitting at her desk Wednesday morning when she noticed five, what she thought were police officers, walking in front of her work.

"It scared me, so I got up and locked the door," Smith told KY3.

It wasn't local cops, but rather FBI agents.

"I would say probably 20 FBI agents and after a while we saw them starting to carry computers and boxes of files out," Smith explained.

FBI gents were seen coming and going from two buildings along Chestnut Street. One at 211 Chestnut Street and the other next door to Smith, at 111 Chestnut Street.

"And a few minutes later he (FBI agent) came in and asked me if I knew what was going on in the building next to us, Smith said. I said I had always heard that it was telemarketing place. He said do you know what they sell and I said again I had always heard that it was a magazine subscription of some kind."

The Better Business Bureau lists Angels LLC and Reader's Club of America as the businesses at the two locations.

Both are listed as Magazine sales.

Neither are accredited by the BBB and neither have signage on their buildings.

Smith says agents spent hours taking property out of the buildings, possibly looking for evidence of a scam.

"He (FBI agent) said that they kind of suspected some sort of fraud and that they were targeting, it seemed, elderly people or people with dementia....stealing money somehow," Smith stated.

In a statement, a FBI spokesperson described the raid as a court authorized law enforcement activity in connection with an on-going investigation.

Stay with KY3 for updates on this on-going investigation.