Fake $20 bills circulating around Mansfield, Ava, and Seymour area

Published: Jan. 9, 2019 at 5:29 PM CST
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A man from Ava is in jail, accused of spreading fake money around Ava, Mansfield, and Seymour.

He ordered hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of counterfeit money online and spent some of it before being caught.

Some of that funny money may still be circulating in the area.

It started back in December, when Seymour police were called to the Family Dollar store.

"The guy came in and tried to buy some soap, laundry detergent with a 20 dollar bill. And when the clerk marked it she said hey this is fake. And the guy ran out, jumped into a white pickup truck and she heard him say come on we have got to go, they are calling the police." said Corporal Chase Davis, with the Seymour Police Department.

A few days later someone found a bag that had hundreds of thousands of dollars of the movie money in a ditch in Mansfield.

And a short time after that, the suspect was caught and confessed to the whole thing.

"Apparently he had used this fake money, had a pizza delivered to his house, paid for it, and when the delivery driver got back to the pizza hut he said this money is fake. So the Ava police department knew where to go, they went to his house and arrested him." explained Davis.

You can buy movie money online legally. In fact you can buy $10,000 worth of the fake 20 dollar bills used in this case for 100 dollars on the internet.

"It is not against the law to buy it, but it is against he law to try to pass it as genuine currency." Davis explained.

If you do try to use it, it is a felony forgery crime.

But Davis says there are steps you can take to make sure you don't accept counterfeit money.

"Getting familiar with all of the security features of money is not hard and it is one of the way that you can check all of the money when you receive it." Davis said.

Police aren't sure how much of the fake money the man spent, so there could be some of the fake money circulating in the area. If you find some in your hometown. Please call your local police department.

The man from Ava has not been charged.

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