Fake money might be going around Nixa, Mo.

NIXA, Mo. -- Dalton Krawczk works at Big Al's Sub, Donuts and Ice Cream, which is a locally owned business in Nixa.

He says students from the district are always coming in and if someone was to try and use a fake bill it would hurt the business and its workers. They say they don't usually accept higher bills as a form of payment, but if they do, they don't have a legitimate way to check.

Nixa Schools sent out a message to the community about a student passing out fake $100 bills to other students. School officials say they turned what fake money they could collect over to the secret service. But, they say some bills may have made it out of the school.

Zach Rantz who is the communications director for the Nixa School District says the student responsible for the fake money will be reprimanded. But, he says he doesn't think students understand the gravity of this situation.

Dalton says he is just grateful the district was quick on their feet to let the public know that funny money may be floating through town.