Fall colors are good for photos and for business

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These cooler temperatures are starting to be paired with more fall colors. Across the Ozarks, you might already be noticing that more of our green trees are turning beautiful shades of red and gold. This means not only a beautiful backdrop for pictures, but more people visiting the Ozarks. Areas like Eureka Springs know that October and November are popular months for visitors.

Bill Ott is the director of marketing & communication at The Crescent Hotel & Spa. He shared with us, "All the lodging properties around town know that October is their big month because of the fall colors. People love to come here. It's the beauty of nature, it's God's creation, it's God painting His landscapes with beautiful reds and golds and greens and oranges. They just like to come and see that because it's something you only see once a year."

Fall colors are currently very patchy across the Ozarks. But, cooler air and less sunlight do make the months of October and November the best to go out and enjoy them. The best time to see fall colors in their prime is the second half of October into the beginning of November.