Family of Daniel Carroll respond to killer's accusations surrounding shooting

THAYER, Mo. -- The family of Daniel Carroll, who was shot and killed earlier this week in Thayer, is speaking out against the allegations made by the accused shooter about Carroll.

"I basically hit the floor. Then we had to go tell mom," Heather and Glen Carroll told KY3, after learning of Daniel's death.

Tuesday night just before 11, Glen Carroll's younger brother, 39-year-old Daniel Carroll, was shot and killed inside a home on East Adams Street.

Authorities arrested 25-year-old Kahlil Smith of Poplar Bluff and charged him with first degree murder.

Glen and his wife Heather, found out Daniel had been shot roughly eight hours after the shooting.

"We were in complete shock, the Carrolls added. We had no idea of why, what, who, what was going on....not a clue. And the police kept telling him (Glen), be calm, let us handle it."

Thayer Police told KY3 that help from state and local authorities led to a quick arrest.

The Carroll family says they are thankful for law enforcement's work.

"I appreciate the way they've done it and way they're handling it," Glen exclaimed.

According to court documents, Smith told investigators he believed Carroll was making sexual advances towards his girlfriend and felt he needed to protect her and his family.

Smith admitted to smoking meth that night and says he blacked out and doesn't remember shooting Carroll.

The Carroll's say they don't believe Smith's accusations about Daniel.

"He is openly gay. He is happy gay. Everybody knows he's gay. His husband just passed away a few months ago. He wouldn't have been hitting on a girlfriend," Heather explained.

They believe Smith is grasping for a justifiable reason for the killing.

"You just don't jump to a gun, Heather noted. There's some anger going on. He was angry about something. And we all know he wasn't hitting on his wife or girlfriend. So, something was going on with this guy."

While they wait for the truth, memories of Daniel bring comfort.

"He's was always smiling and joking. He loved his nieces and nephews or making someone smile that was upset. He was that guy. He was always life of the party," the couple stated.

"He was a pain in the butt, but he was my pain in the butt. I love him with all of my heart and I'm going to miss him everyday," Glen said.