Family of woman killed in officer involved shooting in Aurora speaks out

Published: May. 9, 2018 at 9:43 PM CDT
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For the first time, the parents of a young Ozarks woman are going on camera to talk about the officer-involved shooting that took their daughter's life.

Savannah Hill, 21, was shot by an officer during a traffic stop on May 5.

Police say they believed a passenger in Hill's car had warrants out for his arrest. While trying to question him, police say Hill put her car in reverse and hit an officer causing another Aurora officer to shoot and kill her.

This has sparked outrage with some people in the community.

Hill's family wants everyone to just let the highway patrol investigate so the truth about what happened can come out.

"She just lit up the room and always wanted everybody to smile," says Michelle Nethery, Hill's mother.

Hill's father, Chris Nethery says, "You can't compare her to anybody else."

Hill's parents says she was a great mother and would go out of her way to help anyone in need.

They never expected to get the phone call every parent dreads.

Chris Nethery says, "Within a 15 minute period we went from she's being arrested to she was in a car wreck to an officer involved shooting. I'm thinking my baby's dead!"

They say unofficial reports that their daughter tried to run over an Aurora police officer during a traffic stop, causing one of them to shoot and kill her are impossible to believe.

"She would never hurt anybody in that way, shape or form. Before you go and bash my daughter stop and think about how her family feels and how she truly, truly was," says Michelle Nethery.

They say their daughter wasn't perfect but believe there's more to this story.

"I'm hoping that, in a week or two, whenever the highway patrol gets done with their investigation, people can sit back and go well, maybe I opened my mouth too soon," says Chris Nethery.

Until that happens they say they want those in the community who are angry about this to take a step back.

"As a father I have a hard time not having a little resentment but I still respect every individual there. I've heard let's go picket the place. That's not us. If I'm going to go picket something it's definitely not going to be a police department. I don't hate them. I'm upset with them. I'm upset with some actions that happened. I'm upset that my daughter died," says Chris Nethery.

They say they are working to pick up the pieces and move on as a family for the sake of Hill's two young children.

"People have asked me, how do I honor your daughter? I say, carry on her smile and by golly I don't want to go to your funeral. You don't end up this way," says Chris Nethery.

The Missouri Highway Patrol says that the final report on this officer involved shooting may be released sometime next week.