Fat burning indoor workout with a speed ladder

SPRINGFIELD, Mo On today's Fit Life, David Poland from Extreme Fitness shows us several ways to get a good workout using a speed ladder.

Speed ladders can be purchased at any sporting goods store and are affordable, ranging in price from $15 to $30.

Using a speed ladder is interactive and it offers a change of pace from standard cardio exercises like a treadmill or an elliptical machine. The drills can improve your coordination, balance, quickness and agility.

There are many drills available to help you get a good cardio workout with your speed ladder.

David demonstrated four drills that he recommends. First, begin your speed ladder workout by doing Jump Squats down the length of the ladder, keeping your feet in the boxes. This will warm up your legs.

Next, try the In and Out of the Box drill, moving up and down the ladder.

The third drill is the Skier drill. Using the skier motion, jump back and forth down the ladder while moving forward and keeping one foot inside the boxes.

And last, try the Two feet in the Box, moving down the ladder as one foot moves out of the box. Set a personal goal of 1 minute for each of the four drills, and do 5 repetitions of each. Build up to 10 reps as you gain agility and balance using your speed ladder.