Father, son injured after storm throws shed 20 yards near Collins, Mo.

COLLINS, Mo. -- A father and son suffered injuries after a storm tore apart a shed Monday night near Collins, Mo.

The baby calf Dennis and Dawson Stewart were caring for when the shed they were inside destroyed.

Mariah Stewart says the storm hit her parent's house around 9 p.m. Her dad, Dennis Stewart and brother, Dawson, 13, rode out the storm in a shed out behind the house, caring for a baby calf just born. When the storm came through, it picked up the shed and threw it 20 yards. Mariah says her dad has broken ribs and a punctured lung. Her little brother, Dawson, has two fractures in his lower back and a concussion. Doctors released Dawson from the hospital Tuesday morning. Doctors will keep Dennis Stewart likely through the rest of the week.

"My sister called me and told me that they were going to the hospital, and that my dad and my little brother were in the shed back behind the house, and the wind picked them up, trying to help a calf, and it flipped and rolled them," said Mariah Stewart. "She said when they made it inside the house, they both just fell to the floor because they were in pain."

Mariah and her boyfriend helped fix fence in the middle of the night, trying to keep the family's cattle from escaping. She says her dad and brother do all the farm work. They ask for prayers.