Fire set on purpose at Springfield apartment near Missouri State University

Published: May. 4, 2017 at 5:28 PM CDT
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The Springfield Fire Department said someone purposefully set a fire at Ambassador Apartments.

A unit two call was put out for the apartment fire at 4:40 p.m.

20 to 30 firefighters responded to the scene near Missouri State University.

Firefighters evacuated tenants of the Ambassador Apartments off of West Elm.

Firefighters confined the fire to one unit.

Smoke damage is throughout.

One person inside suffered smoke inhalation but was treated on scene.

Ian Short said he was getting for work when he and his girlfriend Megan Gebhardt knew something wasn't right.

"We walked upstairs and smelled bacon and we're like alright whatever someone is making something good," Gebhardt said.

"And then 10 minutes later, the smoke alarms go off and we're like alright no big deal, we didn't notice anything and then about 5 minutes after that, we peak our head outside the door and we're like I think we need to go downstairs, like this seems for real, and we're coming down the second floor and that's when all the smoke was piling out."

Gebhardt and Short tried banging on the door where all the smoke was coming from.

"We're like maybe she's sleeping like I don't know but that was our first thought but hopefully she's not in there and that's what he did he just banged on the door, no one came out, so we got out and called 911 and that's what we did," Gebhardt said.

Tenants are back in their homes tonight, but some say it's too smokey to stay in.

Firefighters say they do not know a cause of the fire.