Fit Friday: A combo workout from jump rope to step salsa

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Trainer Jay Johnson shows KY3's Maria Neider a combination workout that goes from a jump rope warm-up to step aerobics with music. This is a fun way to use the different pieces of equipment you have at home.

What you'll need:
Jump rope
Medicine ball
Resistance bands
Aerobic step platforms
Your favorite workout music

Start by jump roping for a few minutes to get your heart rate up. You want to be a little short of breath. Then get into the sit-up position with your medicine ball and do twists from side to side. After that, stand up and grab your resistance bands. Step in the middle of the band with both fee and do curls to work your biceps. Next, step on the band with your right foot and raise your right arm over your head-- bending at the elbow and then extending it, to work your triceps. Finally, hit the music. Have your aerobic step platforms at the right height and step to the music! Johnson says to always remember to have fun, and if your friends can join you-- you'll be more motivated to keep going.

You can find Jay Johnson at the Ward YMCA in downtown Springfield. He teaches Les Mills' Body Pump and Body Combat classes.