Fit Life: 3 moves to tighten up your tummy

Published: Dec. 27, 2019 at 8:03 AM CST
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On today's Fit Life, David Poland from XFIT talks about what you have to do to have great looking abs and the three top exercises to develop the abdominal muscles.

Here's what David wrote about the segment:

People regularly ask me, "What kind of routine will get me a six pack?" My answer is always the same. You don't get great abs from workouts and training. You have to lower your body fat so the abdominal muscles are visible and more pronounced. There are two ways to lower your body fat, either by reducing your calorie intake or by burning calories through workout and exercise. A combination of both will get the best and quickest results. Once you have reduced your body fat, you can train the abdominal wall and develop muscle tissue for bigger, pronounced abs. Each of these three exercises has a modified version and a more intense version. Use the one that best fits your current level of fitness. The first exercise for developing the abs is the V Crunch. During this exercise, you are flexing your core through movement. Sit on a bench and lean back at a 45 degree angle. Raise your knees almost to your chest, continuing an up and down motion with your legs. Your upper body stays still at the 45 degree angle. For the more intense version of this exercise, keep your legs straight instead of bending them. The second exercise is the Plank. Hold your body stiff and straight to protect your spine and tighten your abs, quads, and glutes. This exercise stimulates your back and engages your abs. For the more intense version of this exercise, work from your elbows instead of your hands. The third exercise for developing the abs is the Hanging Leg Raise. Hang straight down from a pull up bar and use your abs to raise your knees to your chest. Keep your back from swinging; this is tough because you're completely suspended. The more intense version of this exercise is to keep your legs straight instead of bending your knees.