Fit Life: 3 tools soldiers use to relieve muscle pain

SPRINGFIELD, Mo On this Fit Life, we're getting into the life of a Sapper Soldier and how they recover from all that work they do. We're visited with 2 sergeants; Sgt 1st Class Jayden Sekscinski and Sgt 1st Class Luis Arias.

What is a Sapper Soldier? A Sapper Soldier is a soldier who is trained and efficient in mobility, counter mobility and survivability.

The soldiers use Myofascial Release. They showed us three cheap tools; a golf ball, two Lacrosse balls taped together in the form of a peanut and a foam roller (you could use a piece of PVC pipe that you pick up from a local hardware store).

So, the intent behind is to break up the abrasions to speed up the recovery process.

Use the foam roller on the back first. The back is a very large muscle. Start at the base of the neck and roll out down to your waist. you'll be looking for what are called trigger points or hotspots. The abrasions that we talk about in the Myofascial are going to create a little bit of pain. If you're new to this, it's going to be an unpleasant experience at first.

Once he finds that, there are a couple different approaches you can take. You can do a long flush and continue rolling over that hot spot or you can use your body weight and basically put pressure on that abrasion trying to break it all loose.

The peanut is something you can use for hard to reach or more specific areas.

Then, pick up the golf ball. Take your shoes off. Put the golf ball down the ground and step on it. Apply as much body pressure as you can on one foot. I want you find hot spots and roll it around the abrasion or hot spot. You try to do this as long as you possibly can. Try for at least 3-to-5 minutes and then switch to the other foot.

Those are some tips from the pros on muscle recovery on this Fit Life.