Fit Life; 3 ways to stay safe during a hot weather workout

Published: Jul. 14, 2017 at 9:06 AM CDT
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On this Fit Life, we're giving you several ways to stay safe and still run outside in the heat of the summer.

KY3's Paul Adler talks to Eric Johnson of Fleet Feet Sports about the way dedicated runners can be safe and smart and not get stuck on the treadmill.

Eric tells us the first thing to accept is that your pace is going to slow down as the temperatures heat up. As soon as the temperature cools back down in the fall, you're gonna be running faster again. So, just know mentally that going slower is okay and that you are still getting a positive training effect.

Get the proper gear:

Eric reminds runners that, "cotton is rotten" for running. He says cotton will hold sweat and keep you from feeling cool. It will also cause chafing and blisters. Look for athletic gear that has a mix of polyester and other synthetic materials that will wick sweat away from your body.

Carry Fluid:

You can buy small cases that fit your hand and have small water bottles. Or, you could just carry a water bottle. Either way, you are going to lose a lot of fluids. So, you need to replace what you're sweating away on the run.


Consider cooling off before you start the run. You can get your head wet at an outdoor faucet. Other people have tried sitting in an air conditioned room right before the run or putting a frozen drink on their neck. Pro athletes are even using ice vests to pre-cool before an event.

Early or Late:

If possible, run early in the morning before the sun starts blasting the pavement. Or, run after the sun is setting to avoid the hottest part of the day.

Finally, be safe. Know your limits. A 90 degree day with high humidity is not the day to go out and do your longest run ever. If you get too hot, consider a walk break or cut your run short.

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