Fit Life: A new workout challenge on a small budget

Published: Oct. 18, 2019 at 8:58 AM CDT
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Here’s a fantastic strength training technique for a levels from Pamela Hernandez of Thrive Personal Fitness. She showed it to KY3's Paul Adler for this Fit Life.

Here's what Pamela wrote about the workout:

There is a tool in my personal trainer toolbox that is great for everyone – isometric work. Isometric exercises are where tension is created in the muscle without contracting the muscle. A plank is a perfect example of an isometric exercise. With plenty of variations, the plank is also accessible to most fitness levels. Another excellent beginner isometric move is the squat hold or wall sit. For someone just starting strength training, holding a squat or a wall sit is a great way to start engaging the lower body muscles in a way that is also easier on the knees. For those who are more advanced, you can hold a position with one body part while performing a contracting muscle exercise for another. For example, you can hold a weight overhead, engaging arms and shoulder, while performing a squat. Or you can hold a lunge will performing an overhead shoulder press or a bicep curl. Isometric work can also be a new challenge in HIIT style finishers at the end of a workout. One of my favorites is this leg day finisher. Try performing 20 seconds of bodyweight squats, 20 seconds of a squat hold and 20 seconds of rest for 3-5 rounds at the end of your workout for a new challenge.