Fit Life: Take your gym workout -- outside

Published: Aug. 11, 2017 at 8:48 AM CDT
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If you need a change from your indoor workout, there's a place in south Springfield where you can get fitter in the great outdoors. Here's what David Poland of X Fit told KY3's Paul Adler:

We filmed Today’s Fit Life at the Parcourse Fit Circuit course located next to the #11 Springfield Fire Station on South Fremont and Briar Street. This small park offers a quarter mile lap with numerous stops along the path. The stops have fitness equipment and instructions for fitness exercises. Each stop has a different fitness device and both written and visual directions, as well as a chart showing your “fitness” level (starting, sporting, championship), based on the number of reps you do at each station. The signs also explain the benefits of doing each exercise. You can walk or jog the course and stop at all the stations, or the stations of your choice, and have a good workout on the available equipment. The number of reps you do depends on your fitness level and may vary from station to station. David Poland from X Fit demonstrated exercises at 3 of the stations; the decline leg raise, the pull up bar, and the log hop. Check out this park, as it offers a good place to be outdoors to exercise.

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