Fit Life: 3 simple ways to relieve neck and shoulder pain

Published: Aug. 16, 2019 at 8:26 AM CDT
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On this Fit Life, KY3's Paul Adler visits with Pam Morris of XFit Springfield to get a look at simple ways to relieve shoulder pain.

Here's what Pam Wrote:

Many people suffer shoulder pain and stiffness, which can result in loss of mobility. Some of these issues may include neck pain, due to shortening of muscles. Here are three easy and very beneficial exercises. Lateral Neck Flexion: Hold one arm gently behind you, pulling the shoulder blade down. Move your head down with a gentle pressure on the opposite side of the arm and hold up to one minute, repeat. Next is the Towel Stretch . Using a bath towel or stretch strap, hold one end of the towel behind the head, elbow to side, and the other end at the lower back. Gently pull or hold the towel 10-to-30 seconds and repeat. The Mirror or Wall Slide uses a folded towel. Start with palm down and slide the towel gently and slowly up and down ( the mirror is less friction than the wall) behind your back. These self-care, range of motion exercises will also improve your functional strength. Do monitor your workouts and be aware of overhead and incline positions, the amount of weight and repetitions. Wall and counter push ups can be a good modification to regular push-ups. It will also give your shoulders a change of pace, as you feel better you can add more exercises. As always if pain continues, seek advice from a qualified professional.