Five arrested, one charged in Osage Beach meth bust

OSAGE BEACH, Mo. -- Five people were arrested at an Osage Beach apartment during a drug investigation.

The Camden County Sheriff's Office says charges have been filed against one of those people. The other four were released, but charges could be pending.

"The Lake Area Narcotics Enforcement Group, LANEG, had been conducting an investigation and that's what led to the search warrant," said Lt. Arlyne Page.

During that search, officers found a zip-lock bag with a crystal substance in Christopher Cone's wallet, which tested positive for meth. In Cone's bedroom, officers found a scale and bag both with a crystal on a dresser and a five-gallon bucket with a crystal residue caked inside and loose crystal at the bottom.

Investigators also searched Cone's cell phone and found text messages related to drug distribution. Court documents say Cone admitted to having meth in his wallet before being taken to the Camden County Jail.

Neighbors - who did not want to be identified on camera - who say they often see a lot of traffic in and out of that apartment.

"Let's just say the hair on my neck kind of told me - in a gut instinct - that something was going on."

Four others were also arrested, but charges have not been filed against them.

"Some may be charged. It depends on what their activity in the whole drug dealing scheme was," Page said. "They'll have to weigh that. They'll send the drugs off for testing - which we have to do, of course - and they'll come back with a decision on whether or not they'll be formally charged."

Neighbors say despite the suspicious traffic in and out of that apartment, they've never felt unsafe but they're glad officers have made arrests.

"Thank god for the police and keeping our neighborhood safe. The police did a great job, I am so proud of them."

Officers do not think meth was being made at the apartment.