Five people hurt after a boat explodes on Table Rock Lake in Shell Knob

Published: Jul. 13, 2019 at 9:55 PM CDT
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A boat exploded at Kings River Marina on Table Rock Lake in Shell Knob around 1 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

The Central Crossing Fire Chief said five people were injured.

"They fueled it here at the marina, they reportedly had some issues getting the boat started, couldn't get it started, eventually moments thereafter is when the explosion occurred," said Rusty Rickard with the Central Crossing Fire Department.

People nearby said they heard three loud booms when the boat exploded.

Stephen Williams was just across the dock getting ready to fuel up.

"We were still in our boat on the other side of the gas pump. Once the boat exploded it blew two people out the back of the boat a man and a lady into the water," he said.

Dwane Boggs, owner of King's River Marina, said his crew were some of the first to respond.

"The kids were out there, bravely, running the fire extinguishers, and got them off of there because the fire continued to break out on the boat," he said.

Rickard said one woman was taken by helicopter to the hospital, two others were taken by ambulance.

"We tried to help get them out of the water. One of the guys that was with us threw a life jacket to her, they had burns on their heads, arms, and legs," said Williams.

Boggs said he had a plan in place in case something like this happened.

"That's why we have the emergency shut off valve for all of the pumps," he said.

Others said they did what they could to get away from the burning boat.

"We ended up moving our boat out of there because smoke and ash was coming over on to our boat and I was afraid it would blow up as well so we moved out boat over a little ways away and then the gasoline pump exploded," said Williams.

The cause of the boat explosion is still unknown.