"Flat Caleb" travels to police stations for boy with autism

Published: Jul. 12, 2016 at 8:30 PM CDT
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To one 9-year-old boy with autism, police officers are heroes. He loves police cars, badges, and anything else that has to do with police.

"He wants to be a policeman. He wants to stop police on the road and talk to them. So, he loves them," said Amy Neely, Caleb Neely's mother..

For his birthday, Caleb Neely wishes to meet as many policemen as he can. That's why his mom set up a unique project to make his dream come true.

"Flat Caleb" is similar to "Flat Stanley." It's a picture version of Caleb going on all kinds of adventures. He's been mailed to police stations across the nation and gotten his photo made with many officers.

Ever since Caleb got his wish of meeting an officer on his birthday last year, all he's wanted is to meet more.

"Caleb decided this year for his birthday that he wanted to visit as many police stations as he could and see as many police officers," Neely said.

"Flat Caleb" is a way for Caleb to join police forces far and near.

"He went on patrol with this nice police officer and I believe they said they pulled over five or six different people and they went on several different calls," Neely said.

The pictures of where "Flat Caleb" has been put a big smile on Caleb's face, which his mom says is the best gift.

"He doesn't always feel like he is important and for somebody else, especially someone he admires, to come in and say that it really helps boost his esteem and make him feel better," Neely said.

So, if you bear the badge, Caleb would sure like to be your right hand man.

"Policeman are human. They have children and, you know, they treat him like they treat their children. They've gone out of their way to make him feel special and I think that needs to be highlighted," Neely said.

If you're an officer or know one who'd like to take "Flat Caleb" along for a day, they'll mail him to you. They just ask that you send pictures back so Caleb's mom can create a scrapbook.

You can reach Amy Neely on Facebook or email amy_neely@hotmail.com