Flu cases in Greene County expected to rise as Christmas nears

Published: Dec. 13, 2019 at 8:15 PM CST
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Tammy Hager came to Mercy's Advanced Ambulatory Clinic after not feeling well, hoping to get checked out before heading into her weekend. She says she has gotten the flu before. Hager says she experienced body aches, an excruciating headache along with fevers during the flu, something she never wants to relieve.

Physician Assistant, William Gray says the flu shot is the only way to lessen your chance of getting the virus.

"It's going to decrease the chance that if you have them it's going to be a less severe illness it's going to lessen your chances of having complications," said Hager.

Gray also says the flu leads to many hospitalizations. He says it can take one to four days to start experiencing symptoms.

"A day before you even have any of the symptoms like the fevers, body aches, the chills you are contagious, you can spread that illness before you even have signs of that infection," said Gray.

Gray says if someone in your house has tested positive for the flu, keep them away from the rest of the family.

"Of course, handwashing, using your Clorox wipes around the house can be beneficial and also sunlight can actually inactivate the virus," said Gray.

Gray says as of now, they see more of influenza B versus A. He says influenza A is usually the strain of illness that causes most people to get sick, whereas strain "B" comes later in the flu season. He says this concerns doctors that the "B" strain will be harsher this year.

"But they all cause fever, headaches, body aches and misery," said Gray.

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