Former Navy SEAL claiming he killed Osama bin Laden visits Springfield to support Greitens

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - At a rally at University Plaza, one decorated Navy SEAL lent his support to another. Rob O'Neil was in town to campaign for Republican candidate for governor Eric Greitens. O'Neil was part of the Navy SEAL team credited with killing Osama bin Laden, the terrorist mastermind behind the terrorists' attacks on Sept. 11, 2001..

"My question is: 'Who do you want in office to lead this state?' Do you want a career politician who takes the path of least resistance? Or, do you want a combat leader, a humanitarian, and a fighter?" asked O'Neil.

O'Neil recalled the day in 2011 that bin Laden was killed by his team during a U.S. military raid.

"We are not going for fame or bravado. We are going for the single mom who dropped her children off at school on a Tuesday morning, and then 45 minutes later chose to jump to her death out of a skyscraper, because its a better alternative than burning alive. "

As there has been the whole campaign, there was a lot of talk about our military, veterans, and law enforcement.

"When I am governor, we are going to make Missouri the best state in the country for our veterans," Greitens said.

Also, the crowd heard criticism of Greitens' Democratic opponent, Attorney General Chris Koster; the two sparred during a debate in Branson days ago.

"I think it is clear what really happened is that Chris Koster got whipped in the debate, because we let people know about his record," said Greitens.

Since that event, Koster has said he is pulling the plug on future debates until Greitens releases his income tax returns. Koster released his tax returns several days ago.

When questioned by reporters after the rally, Greitens would not say whether he will plans to release those documents. Instead, he said the entire issue is a distraction crafted by his opponent.

" he [Koster] is afraid to debate again," Greitens said. "But, you know what? We are ready to debate Chris Koster any day, any where, and we welcome that opportunity.

In response to Greiten's visit, the Democratic candidate issued a statement saying, "Eric Greitens continues with his strategies of clichéd and false attacks to divert attention from his campaign based on secrecy and lack of substance."