Former Greene County jail employees sue county, claim they were underpaid

Published: Jul. 26, 2019 at 4:36 PM CDT
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Two former jail employees filed a class action law suit against Greene County for hours of pay they claim they didn't receive.

Thomas Voorhis and Reginald Lewis, two former Greene County jailers, filed a lawsuit against the county for the back-pay.

The sheriff said both men were fired earlier this year.

The lawsuit claims their supervisors automatically took out a 50 minute meal break from every shift they worked, but it said that didn't take into account whether or not the former employees actually got to take the break.

Todd Werts, Voorhis' attorney said over time the "lower employees" came to expect they weren't going to get a break.

The suit also claims jail employees were sometimes required to do work outside of their scheduled hour. Werts said the former employees typically were required to work off the clock at least once a week.

The lawsuit claims the jailers typically worked more than 85 hours in a pay period, but said they were only paid for around 79.

Werts said it is not uncommon for former employees to sue for being underpaid after leaving their place of work.

The attorney for the county said it is too early to comment on the case.


to view the entire lawsuit and its claims.

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