Former worker at the city of Rockaway Beach, Mo. sues city over sexual harassment claim

ROCKAWAY BEACH, Mo. -- A former employee of the city of Rockaway Beach, Mo. is suing the city, accusing an alderman of sexual harassment.

A petition for damages filed in Taney County, claims that an elected alderman made sexual passes at Daniel McHugh, an employee of the city. It also claims the alderman made inappropriate remarks of a sexual nature to McHugh. The petition states that when McHugh asked the alderman to stop, the alderman did not.

Court documents further allege that city management told McHugh that he would be fired if he filed a charge of discrimination or a claim of sexual harassment. In the petition, it is also stated that this incident caused McHugh to resign, resulting in lost wages and benefits. It also claims McHugh has suffered from emotional stress such as embarrassment and humiliation.

Court documents do name the alderman and do not detail an amount for which McHugh is asking in damages. It states only that he is seeking an award of punitive damages and attorney fees.