Four men wanted for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of property in Webster County

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STRAFFORD, Mo -- The Webster County sheriff says four men stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property, including dozens of guns. The sheriff's office has been looking for the thieves for more than a year. Sheriff Roye Cole says the men have committed four burglaries in the county and are suspects in several other thefts.

"They took a little bit of a everything," said Chip McGeehan, whose home the thieves targeted back in May. "They took a gun safe that had 6 to 4 long guns. They even took a bear rug off of the floor. They took furniture, appliances, anything that you would have in your life."

McGeehan lives near Strafford in Webster county. He says in the past year, three of his neighbors were hit by burglars, along with his home back in May.

"The first is the shock when you get to scene. It happened... why?" said McGeehan. "Then you try to do in your mind an inventory of what you had, what you lost. The next day something else pops up and then a week later something else pops up."

But it isn't just the physical items lost that hurts.

"It is the memories of guns that I hunted with my father, it is the memories that somebody gave me something as a gift that I will never be able to replace." McGeehan added.

You may remember a story that we did back in January, where thieves stole a cowboy statue, several guns, and two bronze lion statues from a home near Northview. The sheriff says it was the work of the same group of thieves.

"It is a large business that they are in, stealing other people's property and we are trying to put a stop to it." explained Webster County Sheriff Roye Cole.

He says they have four suspects, Cody Turner and Charles Crossland were both charged Wednesday in Greene County with stealing 750 dollars or more. Paul Davis and Jimmy Church are the other two persons of interest. Deputies are asking for the public's help in finding all four. Cole says the men have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars in property and are selling it away.

"They have sold them in pawn shops, they have sold them to private individuals, and we want to know if you have on your own purchased something from them, now you know it is illegal, call us and let us know so we can try to work that into the case." Sheriff Cole explained.

In total the sheriff says the group has stolen between 30 and 50 guns. As for Chip, deputies have recovered one of his shotguns. But something that can't be given back is his sense of security.

"You realize that somebody had broken into your house a week ago, a month ago, that fear never leaves. It never leaves." McGeehan added.

Sheriff Cole asks that if you have bought something from one of these men, have seen them, or might know where they are at, call the Webster County Sheriff''s Office at 417-859-2653.