Friends Helping Friends spring cleanup in Harrison

HARRISON, Ark. - ​Volunteers are going to different parts of the city of Harrison to pick up trash and take it to the local dump.

Jerry Jackson, with Friends Helping Friends, said, "We have a large, large group of people around that are wanting to volunteer, wanting to make Harrison a better place."

Jackson said the group started four years ago. '

"First year we cleaned up over 100 yards and we took a couple hundred loads to the dump," Jackson said.

Throughout the month of May they get to work hauling truckloads of trash, and the dump doesn't charge them for dropping it off.

"Every week we just go to what calls in. We'll get Facebook messages. We'll get personal phone calls. And if they need help or they missed the trash pick up we go and respond," he said.

But the group does more than pick up loads of garbage.

"We have a small home repair group that does minor repairs for the elderly," Jackson said. "And in December, that is the coolest. We have a friends helping friends cookie drop. They bake cookies, and we delivered last year 450 dozen to the elderly and less fortunate."

And they're always looking for people to volunteer no matter what age.
Jackson adds if you are interested in volunteering, message him on Facebook.