Fun kid activity for Halloween: Spooooooky avocado toast

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- On Halloween, many of us think about candy. But, Dietitian Brittany Carpenter isn't saying you can't have the sweet treats. She's just trying to get a little nutrition in the young ones before the candy binge.

So, we're making Spooky Avocado Toast.

The first thing you need is the guacamole or the avocados. If you buy avocados, you just want to cut it in half. Then, scoop it out and put the contents in a plastic bag. Seal it up and have your kids squish it until it turns into a mush in the bag. It keeps them busy in the kitchen.

Or, you can take the easier way out and use pre-packaged guacamole.

Just take the toast and spread the 'guac' on the toast. Avocados offer you such a great fat. They'll keep you going on a fall day. Sometimes, it's hard to get those healthy fats in with kids. But, this is a great option.

Then, you add the toppings. You can go crazy and make some eyes and some hair cutouts with vegetables. It's just a really good kids craft and they get to eat something healthy and get something fun to eat.

Have a Happy Halloween!