GOT A PLAN? Springfield health experts share tips to prepare for coronavirus pandemic

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The Centers for Disease Control warns now to prepare for a possible coronavirus pandemic.

By the numbers, U.S. health officials report 15 confirmed cases nationwide. None of those cases confirmed in Missouri. Doctors do not have a vaccine for the illness. The mortality rate is 2%. The seasonal flu's mortality rate is .1%.

For Coronavirus, the CDC suggests you think about plans if it starts spreading widely from person to person.

*Stay at home while you're sick
*Cover your coughs and sneezes with your elbow, wash your hands
*Clean frequently touch surfaces
*Use a face mask if you're sick, stay in a separate room and avoid sharing drinks
*You may also want to make an emergency contact list and plan for ways to care for those in your family who are high-risk
*Get extra supplies on hand like soap, tissues, face masks and over-the-counter respiratory medications
*Also prepare for the chance that schools could close to stop the spread

Some businesses are already feeling the impact of the coronavirus by a shortage of supplies from China, but it's important to think about the impact it could have on your business if the virus were to spread here and plan accordingly.

"This is a bad influenza season," said Kendra Findley, Springfield-Greene County Health Department Administrator for Community Health. "The last two years of influenza have been bad. Look at the absentee rates now. People are sick with flu and have to be off of work for approximately five days with flu. How is that impacting your business now? Just think through those scenarios and how they're having to change the way they're doing things business."

The Centers for Disease Control has a pandemic planning checklist for businesses and some tips for families. Click HERE for checklist.