Good Dads works to improve community one family at a time

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. This weekend many will celebrate Father's Day, but Good Dads in Springfield does that all year round.

"The mission of Good Dads is to help fathers be more engaged with their children. The focus is that if we want to improve outcomes for children then we have to engage their fathers," said Dr. Jennifer Baker, Founder & Executive Director of Good Dads.

Since forming in 2015 Good Dads has helped expand the Springfield Public Schools the 'All Pro Dads' program, and they've held countless events for dads and their children to enjoy together. The organization partners with many local businesses to host events like attending Springfield Cardinals games and a science day at the Discovery Center.

"Those are some of the things we do but we also do lunches and those are when dads and kids come in and do lunch and we talk about things like how to help your child succeed and how to have great relationships," Dr.Baker explained.

Through their podcast Good Dads is able to connect with even more dads in the community.

"Since we started podcasting here at good dads it's allowed me to understand where I'm at in my fatherhood," said Josh Wanner.

Wanner hosts the weekly podcast and says with three daughters, he and his wife are constantly looking for new ways to connect with their children.

"Our daughters are involved in a lot of activities so we're running constantly. With our jobs, since [My wife and I are] both teachers we drive to school, we drive home with [our kids]."

And even those quick car ride conversations and asking how a child's day was can change the outcome of their life.

"When children are involved with their fathers they do better in school and they're more likely to have successful outcomes and be successful in life when they know their dad is involved with them.

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