Goodbye: Ruby Tuesday chain shutters three area restaurants, 95 nationwide

Published: Aug. 15, 2016 at 9:35 PM CDT
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The "Now Hiring" sign has been in front of the Ruby Tuesday restaurant for days. Ironically, just the opposite happened. The company let go most employees and closed the doors for good. It's not a good thing for a smaller town like Nixa.

"Property tax, sales tax is our major source of revenue. Any closure affects us," said city administrator Brian Bingle.

Workers were informed of the sudden closure, and the loss of their jobs.

"We are talking about people and that is wrong. There should be some sort of notification certainly," Bingle said.

Ruby Tuesday recently announced it was shutting 95 stores nationwide but didn't give location details. Now we know, in addition to Nixa, the company closed locations in Republic and south Springfield near Republic Road at National Avenue.

Leaders in Nixa say this is disturbing as have a real estate broker trying to attract other big chains to town.

"For something like this to happen, I can only anticipate that those entities they have already contacted might second guess at whether or not Nixa is or is not the place to locate," said Bingle.

One place that may hire former employees is FD Grillhouse, which heard about the layoffs and wanted to do something.

"It is kind of like a family here and we also want to take care of people," said manager Brian Hilliard. "Our owner is real big on being a support in the community and taking care of people.

FD's says its business has been good enough that it is looking to hire around a dozen workers coming from Ruby Tuesday. The open hiring event is from 2 until 4 Tuesday afternoon.

"Hey, let's offer some people some jobs to help them out. It is a sad deal to hear that they are going out of business," said Hilliard.