Missouri Governor Mike Parson speaks about heartbeat bill

Published: May. 17, 2019 at 9:09 PM CDT
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"I think all life has value to it, all life does and I have been pretty clear about that my whole career and I am going to stand up and I am going to stand up for those who don't have a voice," said Governor Mike Parson.

Governor Parson says he is in favor of the "pro-life" also known as the "heartbeat bill that successfully went through the Missouri House. The bill bans women from having an abortion after eight weeks of pregnancy. The only exceptions to this ban would be for medical emergencies, not rape or incest.

Gov. Parson also says he believes Roe vs. Wade should be overturned. He says this bill is an emotional issue.

"Ya, know I think its important when we pass legislation, one of the things I believe, whether its this issue or any other issue one does it meet constitutionally for our state? Does it meet what I believe to be constitutionally in our state," said Gov. Parson. "I do believe this legislation does meet this."

While Parson says he will sign the bill into law, Planned Parenthood volunteers traveled to Jefferson City to show their concerns with the new legislation.

"We marched straight to the governors office, and we chanted for a veto. we want a veto on this bill," said Stacy Sherrod.

Stacy Sherrod works for Planned Parenthood. She says hundred from across the state came to the capital to fight against the bill.

"We just really wanted to make our presence known strongly that there are people from across the state that do not support this ban. We are represented as a pro-life state and that is not true," said Sherrod.

She says she went to the capital to stop this ban because it was personal to her.

"I personally, strongly believe, in a persons right to make their own health care decision and decide when to parent and not to parent." said Sherrod. "I have had two abortions. My reasons were valid as well as any other persons reasons are valid."

Governor Parson says he is not sure when he will sign the bill.