Greek Corner teams up with t-shirt company, to change world one t-shirt at a time

Published: Oct. 18, 2018 at 10:58 PM CDT
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"With child labor, sweat shops, and the nasty environmental reputation. Making t-shirts is really an ugly business," said Greek Corner General Manager, Brad Parke.

Joe Knitting, CEO of the Global Orphan Project added, "Now, right here in your hometown, you have an opportunity to grow a business that's making a global impact. "

In celebrating it's new facility, Springfield's Greek Corner Print Screening & Embroidery company also celebrated a new t-shirt brand that they have added to the mix, and the initiative behind it..

"I believe that capitalism today can be tweaked and we can demonstrate that we can actually do the right thing by people and still be profitable," Knitting said.

The brand is ALLmade, and it operates on two goals. One is the environment, and their product is a friend. Fifty percent of each of their t-shirts is made from recycled water bottles. Which, totals to about six bottles per shirt. The fabric is made in the United States, then assembled in Haiti.

Ashley Metzger, a Project Manager at ALLmade said, "As of today we have manufactured 1 million garments. What that equates to if you put that into context, that's 40 million gallons of water that is reduced, and then over a million gallons of chemicals. And then, as far as the water bottles themselves, that is six million water bottles that have been recycled, re-purposed and sewn into the shirt."

Allmade's other main focus is making a better place for the employees that help make it all possible.

Metzger said, "We are effecting lives, we are creating a better tomorrow. We are doing so much more that we one person alone could never do and so we have an army behind us. and we are creating this adventure for all of us to be a part of."

At their operations in Haiti, they pay workers much more than the going wage, and provide work environments that are safe and offer education opportunities.

"Its intoxicating," said Knitting. "And yea, it feels great. But, that's true in Haiti, in so many places in the world, and its true in Springfield. Jobs producers make a big difference in local communities."

And, for Greek Corner, it's a new project they're excited to be a part of and to bring to the Ozarks community.

Owner of Greek Corner, Jason Parke said,"I like to encourage people to invest in ALLmade because it's investing in people. You know it would be one thing if it was a really cool story and it was just an okay project but it's a really good story and an awesome product. So that makes it even easier to sell."