Election officials test new technology to be used at the polls in August

Published: Jul. 26, 2016 at 5:16 AM CDT
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The Greene County Elections Center sees it's fair share of activity all year round, but especially near election time.

"There's a normal 10 week preparation time that goes into an election. That ends up being thousands of manpower hours that go into that election," said Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller.

Election judges and county officials have been training and testing for weeks to make sure Missouri's August 2nd Primary runs smoothly.

"We have to get the ballot made, then we have to get the ballot order put fourth, we also have to begin making sure that we have the number of needed election judges for each polling location," said Schoeller.

"We have to then go an test all of the equipment," he explained.

In addition to making sure the usual machines are all checked and ready to go the clerks office is also rolling out new machines this year that will make things a lot more efficient at the polls.

"When the voter comes in and hands over their ID card or drivers license we have new electronic check in equipment. It will scan the drivers license or the voter ID card and that way their name and address will show up," said Schoeller.

County officials say the upgrade should help increase efficiency meaning less time spent waiting in line to get checked

into vote. Election judges say they're excited about the new technology.

"We are using the Ipads for registration and handling the voting, the casting of ballots, ect. Seeing the people, being involved in the election process, it's just a good time," said Andy Terry, election super judge in Greene County.

About 300 election judges are signed up to help with check in and answer voter questions at the polls on Tuesday. County Clerk Shane Schoeller says getting enough volunteers and training them is just as important as making sure the machines work.

"All of the preparation time and effort that goes into an election is to make sure when voters come to cast that ballot they have absolute confidence that that ballot is counted, that the equipment is working correctly and that they have the best voter experience possible," said Schoeller.

Visit www.greenecountymo.org/county_clerk to see sample ballots and check your polling location.