Greene County neighborhood goes nearly a week without water

FAIRGROVE, Mo.-- For nearly a week, more than 200 people in Northern Greene County have been without water.

The neighbors share the Wadsworth Water Distribution Well-System water. The well's pump suddenly stopped working. Sinks, toilets, water hoses, everything, has been bone dry. Melvin Laird lives in the mobile home park and say's it's been an experience.

"We realize how much we use it, but we also don't realize until it's gone," said Laird. "The little things that you don't pick up on. Like oh, I got to do this, and you can't really do much without it."

Laird says it's the simple tasks, like flushing, and brushing your teeth that make the hassle more emotional.

"We'll kind of helpless as you notice, we got bottled water for little things," said Laird.

While some neighbors have their own well systems, which has running water, Laird says this issue with the community well-system is a first.

"We've never been, I don't think, out for a whole week," said Laird. "You know, maybe you know two or three days, and we were always back, runnin'."

Newly elected water board president Darin Maples says the system has 81 hookups.

"The existing pump was in service for approximately 12 years, and that's about the lifespan of one," explained Maples. " There was no specific incident that triggered this. I was on site whenever they put the new pump a while ago, and it just rusted locked up solid, and over time that's just what happens."

He says the park is working as quickly as it can to get a new pump installed, and get the water flowing again.

However, Maples says as the new president, he's going to make sure repairs never take this long again.

"But next time, it will be quicker, I can give you my word on that," promised Maples.

Following the installment of the new well-system put in Friday, May 17, there will be a boil rrder in effect for those who share the Wadsworth Water Distribution System.

Maples says this will advisory will be until water samples come back clear.