Greene County crews work to re-stripe roads for better driving vision

GREENE COUNTY, Mo.-- Greene County is now underway with one of its biggest road striping projects, making sure drivers can see the road even in the rain or dead of night. Striping was delayed because of all the rain in the Ozarks.

"Our larger year we're on the north side of the county, and we will do approximately 650 miles of striping by the end of the year, " explained lead striper, Miach Jacobs.

Jacobs says his crew never would've imagined doing such an essential job.

"I never thought that I would be out here with a big striping truck and a full crew striping the roads," said Jacobs.

However, the job isn't just paint that's helping drivers see the middle of the road.

"We also have glass beads that go down on top of the line that reflects at night time when your headlights hit the lines," explained Jacobs.

The county uses 20,000 gallons of white paint, 18,000 gallons of yellow color, and more than 100 tons of glass reflective beads. This is all used to make the roads safer. Although the process is quick, it does delay traffic for a moment.

Kalley Vitzthum has been caught behind a few striping trucks before. She says she will admit it can get annoying.

"Sometimes you're in a rush, and you get frustrated with it," said Vitchum. "At the same time you know it's their job so you have to understand that too."

She says the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to the striping trucks.

"I like being able to see the lines better," said Vitchum. "Especially the older I get and stuff at night it's easier to see the lines. I think it makes a big difference."

However, when you pull up behind a striping truck, do not try to pass, and remember to be patient.

"Watch for us, you know it is a big truck, it's easy to see us," said Troy Hodge. "It's just some people don't pay attention, and they need to watch out for what we're doing."

Green County stripers can not stress enough, don't try to pass. You can not only get paint on your car, but lift the reflective beads making it harder to see at night and in the rain.