Greene County prosecutor charges 3 in deadly Springfield shooting; 1 suspect on the run

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Three men faces multiple charges, including second-degree murder, in the shooting death of a Springfield man.

The shooting death happened February 1 at 2333 West Springlane Street in Springfield. Kenneth Clark died from the gunshot wounds.

Greene County Prosecutor Dan Patterson filed charges against three men accused in Clark's Death. Dustin Earl Stacey, Shane Michael Stamm and Jerry Lynn Earls, Jr. each faces second-degree murder, armed criminal action and first-degree burglary in the case. Stamm remains on the run from law enforcement.

One witness told police the three men forced their way into Clark's home. The witness described two of them as wearing dark bandanas on their face, the third had a mask. The witness told police all three had guns. One of the men stated, "we don't like what you did this morning. Clark then begged for mercy. Police say that is when he was then shot.

A second witness told police Clark had ripped off one of the suspects in a deal in the parking lot of the Walmart on North Kansas Expressway that same morning. Surveillance video from the store shows Clark chased one of the suspects out of the parking lot in his car. Police say Clark's cell phone showed texts between him and one of the suspects before the altercation in the parking lot. That same witness says he was pistol-whipped by one of the men. He suffered several bruises on his head.

A third witness told police he picked up Stamm and Earls shortly after the shooting. They then drove to Republic where they dumped evidence, including rounds from a handgun and syringes. Officers later found that evidence where the witness told them to look.

All three of the suspects are prior offenders.