Greenfield remembers teen who drowned in Stockton Lake

GREENFIELD, Mo. - People in this small community in Dade County paused on Saturday to remember a teenager who drowned while swimming in Stockton Lake.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol's Water Division found the body of
of 14-year-old Colton Tyler late Friday night north of Greenfield at Ruark Bluff recreation area. Witnesses called for help early in the evening after he didn't come up from the water.

On Saturday, one friend of the teenager from Greenfield talked about their classmate.

Jacob Feezell will never forget his friend and classmate Colton Tyler.

"We were pretty close, he was my best friend," he said.

Friends since 2nd grade Jacob and Colton were about to start their freshman year of high school together with everyone planning on Colton being valedictorian of their class.

"He helped tutor kids if they needed help, I was one of them," Jacob said. "He cared about everyone around him, that's what made him a good person."

But last night changed the summer before high school for everyone.

"She said Colton drowned and I asked they knew if he was okay and she told me they didn't find his body, we drove to the lake and they found his body," Jacob said.

His favorite memory with Colton was last year's 4th of July, Colton's favorite time of year.

"He liked to see things explode, he liked seeing the fireworks and stuff cause that's what his grandpa liked to do," Jacob said.

He said keeping Colton in your memory will continue his legacy of excellence.

"Not to forget about him, always have him on your mind, always know that if anything happened he'd have your back," Jacob said. So you've got to have their backs when something happens to him, you've got to fulfill his destiny."

Jacob Feezell says he will never forget his friend and classmate. He described him as nice, smart and a caring person.

Sunday night, June 25, 2017, at 8:30 p.m. there will be a candlelight vigil to celebrate the life of Colton Tyler.