Greenwood senior donates shoes to all 207 students at Robberson Elementary

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. A high school senior at Springfield Greenwood Laboratory School made an impact on hundreds of young lives on Friday.

And as the old commercial goes, "it's all about the shoes".

"We do serve one of the highest poverty pockets in town but we've got great families who really love their kids," explained Dr. Kevin Huffman, the school's principal.

And so does John Sharp.

The 17 year-old from Greenwood Laboratory School is an all state golfer, all region soccer player and also competes in track and basketball.

But in volunteering at the local Boys and Girls Club, he couldn't help but notice "50% of the kids had flip-flops or shoes that just weren't good enough to run in," he said.

So John and his family went on a mission.

With the help of Under Armour, they founded a non-profit group that's raised over $25,000 over the last three years to provide tennis shoes for over 600 students including every single one of the 200 current students at Robberson.

And to see the reactions on the students faces, there's only one way to describe it.

"It's like Christmas in September," Huffman said.

"It just brings me a lot of joy," Sharp added.

Joy may be an understatement. Everywhere you look new shoes are jumping, dancing, and running with their new owners. Oprah Winfrey giving away cars has nothing on John Sharp giving away brightly-colored shoes.

"One of the kids said that was his first new pair of shoes," Sharp said. "And he was six-or-seven (years-old). So that really touched me and got me a little emotional that day."

"This kind of generosity by the Sharp family really touches us as the adults but really, really meets a need for our kids and families," Huffman added.

"Sometimes you see the stories where you think they've become desensitized from that compassion," said Jeni Hopkins, a counselor at Greenwood. "And this does kind of ignite faith and hope in our teenagers that they do care. They do pay attention. They do notice. And John Sharp is one who really does care about his community. He doesn't live in a bubble."

The Sharp family plans on continuing the program in the future..It's called "Just for Kicks" and the funds are held with the Community Foundation of the Ozarks.