Gun sales increase after recent mass shootings

Published: Aug. 9, 2019 at 8:29 PM CDT
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"If I had been in that building and the shooting started what would I have done?" This is one of the main questions Brent Ball, the owner of 417 Guns says he has gotten lately.

He says gun sales have been high in the past few weeks from people who tell him they want to protect themselves.

"You're gonna have people that say I am not going to the movies anymore, I'm not going to Walmart anymore, but on the flip side I think people are more aware," said Ball.

He says the most popular guns he is selling right now are hand guns. He says people are interested in their self-defense. He says he also recently noticed an increase in women buying guns.

"You would think when its summer and business is slow, classes would be slow, and we haven't seen that at all," said Nick Newman.

Newman is the owner of Cherokee Firearms in Springfield. He says there has been an uptick in people signing up for his classes.

"I think people are nervous, maybe somewhat apprehensive more so because of recent events, even locally and would like to be better prepared when they're out in public," said Newman.