SURVIVE THE STORM: The costs of hail damage

Published: Mar. 31, 2020 at 10:17 PM CDT
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Hail can be as small as a pea or the size of a baseball, the larger the size, the greater the damage to your homes, cars, and wallets.

Mike Bowman has only been living in Springfield for two years, he learned quickly how costly hail damage can be.

“You hear a lot of people get hail damage, and we got it too,” Bowman said.

He was lucky, damages only cost him several hundred dollars when quarter size hail fell. When those baseballs fall from the sky, it does more damage to your pockets.

For baseball size hail, Reagan Bliss, with Bliss Brother's Roofing, said the damagers are even more costly and are dependent on the size of the house.

“Single-family homes, between the fifteen hundred square feet to eighteen hundred square feet, that would range from six thousand to seventy-five hundred,” Bliss said.

Newer roofs offer more protection from hail. They have more give when the hail hits them. Older roofs see the worst damage. The extent of the damage also depends on the age of the roof and the material.

When it comes to your car, hail smaller than a quarter will still put some dings in it. Golfball size hail can cause serious damage.

“If a windshield is cracked it won’t pass inspection,” Dusty Richardson, with Dent’s Unlimited, said.

It will cost around three hundred dollars to repair a windshield, to repair the hoods on a low end you’re looking at paying fifteen hundred.

On a high end, Richardson said, “We’ve had some where the hail was severe enough that it did total them.”

Check with your insurance about the deductible. According to Insurers of the Ozarks, insurance often covers the damages. For cars, the deductible may be around $500, and $1,500 for homes.