Harmony House kicks off iCare campaign

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Harmony House is Springfield's only domestic violence shelter and they are almost constantly running at capacity.

Last year, Harmony House had to turn away almost 2,000 domestic violence victims because the shelter was too full.

So throughout October, Harmony House is encouraging the community to step up and say they care about domestic violence, because it is an issue that cannot be kept hidden.

With so many victims looking to leave and seek help, it is no longer a secret how many people are affected by domestic violence in the Ozarks.

"Probably virtually everyone in the Springfield community knows somebody whose been impacted by domestic violence, they just don't know that they do. Because people don't talk about it," said Lisa Farmer, Executive Director of Harmony House. "So we're trying to really bring it out of the closet so to speak, create awareness that [it] is an issue, it's a big problem here in Springfield, that there is help for it out there and that victims are not alone."

Throughout October, Harmony House is asking individuals, families, businesses -- anyone and everyone -- to step up and say they care about domestic violence.

On October 28th, those partners will wear black stickers to show their support though the one-day iCare event.

Last year, over 200 local businesses participated and this year, that number is looking to be around 350.

Though raising money throughout the month is important, it's also important just to have a conversation. The goal of iCare is to get people talking and caring about domestic violence.

"Try to get the word out and make people understand that this is an epidemic, that people in our community are hurting and we need to end it," said Esther Munch, Director of Development for Harmony House. "And so to do that, we feel like we need to bring it out from behind closed doors. It's an uncomfortable discussion, but it's a much needed discussion."

There is still time for businesses and other groups to partner with Harmony House for iCare. To learn more about how you can get involved, visit: myharmonyhouse.org/icare