Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce kicks off 29th annual Crawdad Days

HARRISON, Ark. - The 29th annual Crawdad Days in Harrison is now underway.

Dozens of craft vendors, food vendors, and even a carnival is all waiting for visitors at Minnie Harris Park by the lake in the city.

You're encouraged to come and enjoy the festivities, including concerts, and, of course, the CRAWDADS.

"This is a community festival, like I said the 29th annual Crawdad Days. It really brings the entire community together. We have over 150 volunteers who donated time from last October through today," said Bob Largent, the president and CEO of the Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Largent said the festival not only brings people together, but brings business in from outside the city.

The festival runs through Saturday.

For more information on the events at Crawdad Days, go to www.crawdaddays.org/schedule-of-events/